How to fuel your Half Marathon Training

TRIBE Team Ambassador
Hannah Leith

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Your nutrition strategy is just as important as the miles you clock up. TRIBE Team Ambassador Hannah takes us through her half marathon training fuelling strategy.

Should I eat pre-workout?

Fuelling correctly before training will help you train stronger. You’ll be training at least 2 – 3 times a week, so it’s important to keep your energy levels up. I always eat something 30 - 60 minutes before training, whether I'm hitting the trails or going spinning. TRIBE Energy Bars are great for on-the-go everyday performance and the perfect pre-workout energy boost. My favourite is the Infinity Choc Salt Caramel Bar. They are easily digestible and give a slow release energy that can power me through longer training runs. Get up, get out, go forwards!

How do I hydrate properly during training?

If you’re training regularly, it is essential to stay hydrated pre, during and post workout. It is also just as important to keep hydrated when you aren't training, as fluids help to regulate your body temperature and flush out damaged cells. During training sessions, it's good to drink 4 - 5 sips of water/electrolyte drink every 20 minutes. As you sweat, you'll be losing salts, so I'd recommend using a natural electrolyte mix. All runners bodies are different, but you should never take on more that 600ml of water per hour. During intense training sessions, it is easy to burn through your natural supply of electrolytes pretty quickly, so make sure you're adding TRIBE Hydrate to the mix. 

How much protein do I need?

Increasing your protein intake is essential during half marathon training. For someone training regularly, it's recommended to take on 1.2g of protein per kilo of body weight per day a day. For example, you weigh 70kg, you should be aiming for 80 grams of protein each day. Putting that into perspective:

  • TRIBE Shake: 20g protein
  • Chicken breast or salmon fillet: 20g protein
  • TRIBE protein bar: 10g
  • Boiled egg: 7g protein

Protein provides the body's building blocks: amino acids that support muscle growth and recovery + thousands of other vital functions. My half marathon training plan is a mix of tempo sessions, long runs, spin classes, yoga etc with few rest days, so I need to make sure I take on enough protein so I can go again tomorrow. I always carry a TRIBE Choc Brownie Protein bar around in my bag for post-workout refuel.

What should I eat pre-race?

Make sure you practice your full race day nutrition plan prior to race day. Have breakfast 2 - 3 hours before getting to the start line, making sure your meal is high in carbohydrates, but low in protein and fat. I always rely on a bowl of porridge, giving me around 45g carbohydrate // 15g protein // 15g fats, followed by a TRIBE Infinity bar - the new Apple + Cinnamon is delicious. Porridge is a pretty complete meal in terms of macros, low in sugar and a great source of slow-release carbs. These, along with good fats, are the best source of energy for a long distance run. TRIBE Infinity bars give you a great complex of nutrients and deliver 40g complex carbohydrate per bar, so are great for race day fuel.

What can I fuel with to avoid gels during the race?

During the race, you should be taking small amounts of water and carbs on to keep you energy up. As a rule of thumb, most runners have enough carbohydrate stored in their muscles to last about 1.5 hours. You need to top up before hitting this point, to avoid “crashing” where you’re bodies effectively out of carbohydrate. Try taking a portion of a banana or fruit based energy bar at each aid station after the 50 minute mark. This will mean you’re regularly replenishing quick release natural carbs to keep you well fuelled. Be sure to hydrate too: little sips and often!

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